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– Fight for Housing Rights –

Our Story

Since 2013, the tenants of 83-85 Bowery have been fighting eviction by their landlord, real estate speculator Joseph Betesh.

Betesh uses all the old tricks to make his apartments unlivable, displacing the working people who live in the two Bowery buildings. He has refused to comply with court ordered repairs, and refuses to recognize the buildings as rent-stabilized. Betesh is also the owner of Dr. Jay’s retail chain, and the tenants are calling for a boycott of all Dr. Jay’s stores until he repairs the buildings and respects rent stabilization laws.

The Bowery tenants fight is a fight for everyone in New York City.

From Bowery to Brooklyn and the Bronx, real estate developers are letting their buildings deteriorate and illegally hiking up rents. Their goal is to drive out working class tenants and turn the buildings into luxury condos. This process isn’t inevitable. It’s a conscious action by developers, along with their allies in City Hall, to make as much money as possible at the expense of our quality of life.

As democratic socialists, we believe that everyone has a right to decent, affordable housing.

The developers aren’t going to give us these rights, though. We have to fight for them. Democratic Socialists of America supports the tenants boycott and encourage New Yorkers to join.

We need a housing policy that serves the interest of the majority. No more housing developments for the mega rich!

For more information, watch this brief video from our allies, Youth Against Displacement:


Tenants are being taken advantage of all over New York City. For years, Joseph Betesh, who owns the Dr Jay’s retail chain, has used dirty tricks to push the tenants of 83-85 Bowery out of their apartments. Take a stand for an affordable New York and housing rights. Sign this petition!

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